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Chickpea • Honey • Chocolate Classic Hexa Biscuit

It all began with a chickpea flour sample sent by our organic farmer-miller Philippe Guichard. This led to the idea to bring together these flavors for this biscuit. When tasted, this bright yellow flour gives off notes of honey.

The recipe includes roasted chickpea flour and chickpea slivers. The chickpeas are oven-roasted with olive oil at a very high temperature in order to dry them and obtain a puffed effect. While still hot, they are coated in linden honey. The chickpea flour adds a lot of taste while the wheat flour helps in shaping the biscuit.
In order to cut the sweetness, the biscuit is dipped in the Manufacture de Chocolat 75% Signature Blend, which adds a light bitter touch. The chocolate accompanies the chickpea without overwhelming it.
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