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Saint-Pol Signature Hexa Biscuit

Buckwheat • Butter

The Saint-Pol Biscuit is inspired by the famous Breton shortbread. The name is taken from the charming coastal city of Saint-Pol-de-Leon in the Finistère region of Brittany.

All the ingredients that go into this biscuit are in fact a nod to the region: the buckwheat flour, roasted corn flour and the salted butter, all of it organic. The biscuit is crumbly, with a strong buttery, roasted and buckwheat flavor. The dough is, of course, crumbly, which is apparent when tasting. The secret to this texture lies in the order that the ingredients are added and the mixing time, instrumental in preserving a certain crumbliness — a technical challenge that required numerous attempts by the Chef Flora Davies and her team!
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