Our Chocolate Bar collection offers approximately 50 creations, thus revealing the richness of the bean origins and the artisanal Mendiant and Praliné recipes conceived of by our chocolate cocoa roasters. Le Chocolat Alain Ducasse french chocolate bars explore the purity and the diversity of their sources. In dark or milk chocolate, they offer the possibility of biting into a moment of pure tasting pleasure. Produced from the cocoa bean to the chocolate bar in the Paris Manufacture, voila the luxury of artisanal crafting that takes its time.

From bean to bar


Our dark and milk chocolate bar varieties fall into different categories. The Signature Chocolate Bars are the result of original Chocolat Alain Ducasse recipes, in particular the Blend that brings together three distinct origins. As for the Single-Origin Chocolate Bars, they highlight the characteristics of a unique terroir, containing cocoa beans form a single cru per chocolate bar. The Mendiant Chocolate Bars allow for the savoring of a crunchy artisanal chocolate dressed in dried or confit fruit. Satisfying the gourmand, the chocolate bars are filled with either praliné, caramel, or almond paste.

The chocolate bars, produced using artisanal techniques at La Manufacture, undergo ten or more steps before they are ready to be tasted. At the beginning of the production process of each chocolate bar, the prepared chocolate mixtures are conched then tempered. This is followed by the pouring phase before the molds are sent to the vibrating or “tapping” tables to uniformly blend the chocolate preparation. The molds are then cooled so that the chocolate can solidify sufficiently to be turned out of the molds.

Conceived by Pierre Tachon (Soins Graphiques), the chocolate bar design is graced with chiseled, customized lines, which form beveled squares that recall to mind the bricks of La Manufacture. The chocolate bar was designed to be divided into bars or squares, as wished.