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Pour vous assurer des fêtes savoureuses, succombez pour les créations délicieusement biscuitées de notre cheffe Flora Davies.


For a tasty holiday season, succumb to the deliciously biscuity creations of our chef Flora Davies. Gingerbread, chestnuts, dried and candied fruits all feature in our Biscuit Manufacture recipes for surprising, comforting flavors. The chocolate from our Manufacture adds a unique indulgence to these must-try creations!


Le Biscuit Alain Ducasse available for delivery all over France!

Next door to the Chocolate Manufacture, the Biscuit Manufacture now ships some of its creations! Order our delighful biscuit bars, as well as a selection of gift boxes. Explore the variety of flours used by our chef Flora Davies and her team: rye, corn, wheat, but also chickpea or buckwheat! Perfect for a moment of tasty sharing, our boxes are the ideal gift to offer... or to treat yourself.


Rather Palets or Hexas?

Make your custom selection at ou parisian Manufacture de Biscuit!

Create a box of 6 to 24 biscuits of your choice, all passionately made in the heart of Paris, using carefully selected ingredients. Let yourself be seduced by an explosion of flavours : every bite combines craftsmanship and refinement with excellence. Our biscuits are also available individually.

Visit 42 Rue de la Roquette, Paris 11, to create your ideal box!


culinary biscuits

It took months of work to develop the Manufacture's range of biscuits. Each of these delicacies is the result of a technical performance that aims at one essential thing: obtaining an intense taste. All the flavors are obtained with the same approach that can be summarized in three words: raw, well made, pastry.

La Manufacture's biscuits are both traditional in their making and modern in their conception.

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Flora Davies - Pastry Chef

From Paris to London, from restaurants to the opening of la Manufacture de Glace, Flora has worked in various kitchens of the Maison Ducasse before being entrusted with the responsibility of la Manufacture de Biscuit. This talented Canadian, who arrived in the pastry business late in life, will convince you with the accuracy of her creations and her mastery of textures.

Hancrafted in their making, modern in their conception.