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Pistachio Palet Praliné Palet Biscuit

The Pistachio Palet Biscuit comes as 2 pistachio biscuits held together by a pistachio filling covered in Manufacture de Chocolat’s 75% Signature Blend. The Palet Biscuits' guiding principle is to offer a single biscuit that has been through the three creation phases: raw, transformed and cooked. More than 10 phases are required to make each biscuit!
In this case, the whole Sicilian pistachios roasted by the Manufacture de Café are inserted into the biscuit dough as well as in the filling to add texture. In the filling, a pistachio paste made from the same pistachios that have simply been reduced into dough, adds a clean and intense flavor. Finally, the Chef's savoir-faire is expressed in the pistachio praliné, the last ingredient of the filling. Perfectly balanced in sugar and salt, it adds an irresistible taste to the biscuit...
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