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Design exclusif de Pierre Tachon - Soins Graphiques.

Chocolate Freshly topped Biscuit

The Freshly Topped Biscuits are the most pastry-like of the Manufacture's biscuits. Each one is garnished on demand, right in front of you.

The chocolate version begins with an all-chocolate biscuit with a mass of Madagascan chocolate, obtained by conching the cocoa nibs to create an intensely chocolate flavor. Crushed cocoa nibs are also added for a crunchy texture when tasting. On this biscuit, the artisan biscuit-maker poaches a ganache made from Peruvian chocolate, a cru with floral notes. Finally, cocoa nibs and carmelized cascara (dried cocoa bean skins), sprinkled on top, add a delicate bitterness to this beautiful and delicious biscuit.
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