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Design exclusif de Pierre Tachon - Soins Graphiques.

Hazelnut Freshly topped biscuit

The Freshly Topped Biscuits are the most pastry-like of the Manufacture's biscuits. Each one is garnished on demand, right in front of you.

The hazelnut version starts with a hazelnut shortbread prepared in advance at the Manufacture, using a Piedmont hazelnut paste, with a creamy texture and pronounced flavor. On this biscuit, you can observe while a whipped praliné is poached. Similar to Piedmont hazelnuts, this praliné has a unique texture, close to that of soft caramel. A 100% hazelnut paste intensifies the roasted flavor. This Freshly Topped Biscuit is then decorated with roasted hazelnuts and hazelnut skins.
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