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Design exclusif de Pierre Tachon - Soins Graphiques.

Lemon Freshly topped Biscuit

The Freshly Topped Biscuits are the most pastry-like of the Manufacture's biscuits. Each one is garnished on demand, right in front of you.

It begins with a biscuit accented with pieces of candied lemon from Soveria in Corsica that is dressed by our artisan biscuit-makers. First, they poach a lemon marmalade, made from whole Verdello of Sicily lemons, to concentrate the citrus flavors — the bitterness of the rind and the acidity of the flesh. Then a lemon paste is added, containing lemon pieces and zests. The flavor is intense, with just the right amount of sweetness. The third and final step is to add slices of candied lemon and grated zest, making this biscuit as appetizing as it is delicious.
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