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Palet Chocolat Grand Cru Pérou Grand Cru Palet Biscuit

The Grand Cru Chocolate Palet Biscuit has everything to make the chocolate lover tremble with delight. It presents cocoa in different forms and levels of transformation — an ode to the Manufacture de Chocolat's artisan chocolatier's savoir-faire. The Palet Biscuits' guiding principle is to offer a single biscuit that has been through the three creation phases: raw, transformed and cooked. More than 10 phases are required to make each biscuit!

In its most untouched state, cocoa nibs are used in the biscuit dough to add a bit of crunch and flavor intensity. The second phase in the transformation of cocoa is a Madagascan chocolate mass which is added to the mix. Finally, the ganache — a mix of chocolate and crème fraîche — is prepared by the artisan biscuit-makers using a grand cru 75% Peruvian chocolate, selected for its floral notes and finish, from the Manufacture de Chocolat.
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