Hazelnut Palet Praliné Palet Biscuit

The Hazelnut Palet Biscuit is the outcome of two Piedmont hazelnut biscuits brought together by a hazelnut praliné and crushed hazelnut filling then coated in Manufacture de Chocolat 75% Blend. The Palet Biscuits' guiding principle is to offer a single biscuit that has been through the three creation phases: raw, transformed and cooked. More than 10 phases a required to make each biscuit!

Here, whole roasted and crushed hazelnuts are inserted into the biscuit dough and filling in order to add crunch and texture to the mix. A 100% hazelnut paste confers a smoothness to the dough, as well as a pronounced hazelnut taste. Finally, the hazelnut is cooked in the form of a praliné — carmelized with a touch of salt then crushed.
Manufacture de Chocolat praliné fans will find the experience familiar: same techniques, same ingredients, all in a new gourmand shape — everything to guarantee a pleasant surprise!

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