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  • In the world of chocolate, there are the "roasters" and then there are the "melters."

    Just as the chef creates their own sauces and the baker their bread, the chocolatier makes their own chocolate. To make one's chocolate does not mean buying chocolate to melt and transform it. Making one’s own chocolate means roasting, cracking, grinding, and conching the cocoa bean to transform it into chocolate.

  • We, at Les Manufactures Alain Ducasse, are chocolate roasters.

    For the past 10 years, we have been the only chocolatiers to roast 100% of our chocolate on a large scale in the heart of Paris. All of our chocolate recipes are created and manufactured from our own chocolate production. Similarly, starting with dried fruits, we make our own pralinés, and from fresh fruits our own ganaches.

  • Again, we do not buy our chocolate — we make it.

    This is a conscious choice reflecting contemporary craftsmanship that honors tradition and holds manual skills in high respect. We named ourselves "Manufactures" because of our start-to-finish handcrafted process. Today, unlike the term “baker,” defined as a person who makes their own bread, the term "chocolatier" is unfortunately not reserved for those who make their own chocolate, rendering our position on this topic militant. Our commitment is to offer our customers a unique chocolate, with a true and memorable taste.

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