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Buckwheat • Sobacha Classic Hexa Biscuit

This biscuit was born out of a desire to create something completely new. The inspiration came from tasting roasted buckwheat seeds by the organic farmer-miller Philippe Guichard.

The texture, structure and taste are unique. The flavor of sobacha is special and little known in the west. It is commonly found in Japan where it is usually consumed as an infusion. In this case, we are referring to black buckwheat that has been roasted and puffed. When tasted, the sobacha almost fizzes in the mouth. Buckwheat is also present in the form of flour for its particular taste. As for the whole wheat flour, it allows for the structuring of the biscuit.
The addition of salted butter from the Haute-Folie farm adds to the crumbly aspect and a delicate saline touch.
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