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Design exclusif de Pierre Tachon - Soins Graphiques.

Sbris Signature Hexa Biscuit

Wheat • Vanilla • Citrus

The Sbris Biscuit, loosely based on the Italian shortbread Sbrisolona, is a nod to Alain Ducasse's affection for Italy. With its rough appearance, the Sbris Biscuit looks deceptively crumbly. Its shape, inspired by Manufacture de Chocolat's large Hexa, is an invitation to share.

The flour used here is a roasted, organic wheat flour from the Lot-et-Garonne region. Roasting the wheat before reduction into flour adds a veritable taste identity and the taste stands out. The polenta cracks between the teeth, adding to the biscuit's slightly sandy texture. The recipe also includes a double dose of vanilla — smoked vanilla powder as well as a mix of three vanillas (Mexican, Madagascan, and Tahitian), which comes from the Manufacture de Glace. The citrus zests and whole hazelnut pieces add to the texture and nicely balance the taste.
A mischievous biscuit to share without worrying about making crumbs (in the Mantovan dialect, sbrisolona means crumb!)...
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