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Design exclusif de Pierre Tachon - Soins Graphiques.

Candied fruit • Almond praliné Cookie bar

How does one reinterpret the Cookie, this classic in recent pastry-making history? The Manufacture de Biscuit offers a soft, gourmand cookie, without the excessive amounts of sugar and fat, often found in other cookies. It comes in a unique shape, more like a bar, like those offered by Chocolat Alain Ducasse.

The Candied Fruit and Almond Praliné Cookie Bar is deliciously soft thanks to all the dried fruit in its composition: apricots, dates, figs, raisins and cranberries. The first layer of biscuit is covered with an almond praliné produced by the Manufacture's artisan biscuit-makers before being covered with a second layer of biscuit dough. A touch of crunchiness is added by the ground almonds placed on the bar.
The Cookie-Bars are made daily at the Manufacture, available for an after-school snack or simply for a sweet break — they're best when freshly out of the oven!
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