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Chocolate • Cocoa nibs Cookie bar

How does one reinterpret the Cookie, this classic in recent pastry-making history? The Manufacture de Biscuit offers a soft, gourmand cookie, without the excessive amounts of sugar and fat, often found in other cookies. It comes in a unique shape, more like a bar, like those offered by Chocolat Alain Ducasse.

The Manufacture de Biscuit Chef Flora Davies describes the Chocolate and Cocoa Nib Cookie-Bar like a veritable "love letter" to the Manufacture de Chocolat. In fact, the cocoa bean's entire life cycle is concentrated in this delectable bar. The cocoa nibs are first inserted into the cookie dough to add a bit of crunch and a light touch of bitterness. The Madagascan chocolate mass, obtained after the nibs are cinched, adds the intensity of chocolate in the mouth. Finally, the Madagascan 75% slivers, which come from the last stage of chocolate making, participate in the play of textures, and add a lightly acidulous note. The first layer of biscuit is covered with a Peruvian chocolate ganache before being covered with a second layer of biscuit dough. As a final touch, carmelized cascara dresses this definitively chocolate bar.
The Cookie-Bars are made daily at the Manufacture, available for an after-school snack or simply for a sweet break — they're best when freshly out of the oven!
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