Coffee • Cascara Palet Praliné Palet Biscuit

Coffee and chocolate, chocolate and coffee — here, the two are brought together in the Coffee Cascara Palet Biscuit. Composed of two biscuits with a coffee and chocolate filling, then coated in Manufacture de Chocolat 76% Blend. The Palet Biscuits' guiding principle is to offer a single biscuit that has been through the three creation phases: raw, transformed and cooked. More than 10 phases a required to make each biscuit!

First, the Manufacture de Café's Brazilian coffee cascara — the dried skin of the coffee bean — adds notes of fruit. The intense taste of the two biscuits comes from a reduction of this same Brazilian coffee. This adds a concentrated, slightly bitter taste, balanced by the chocolate coating. Finally, coffee and chocolate are cooked together in the filling — a ganache made from a Manufacture de Chocolat Brazilian cru is paired with a coffee praliné.