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Hazelnut Praliné & Hibiscus Ice Cream - 130ml

7 €

Crunchy x Acidic x Comforting

The hazelnuts are roasted before being mixed with the salted caramel.  This mix is ground in order to obtain a creamy praline before being turbined.  A praline paste is added to the ice cream for an even more gourmet experience. The ice cream is then sprinkled with dried hibiscus flowers.  The sweetness of the praline mixes with the unexpected acidity of the hibiscus flowers for a delicate and comforting ice cream.

The ice creams are turbinated in our new Manufacture La Glace Alain Ducasse, next to our Chocolate Manufacture. It is in line with the same continuity: high quality ingredients and artisanal techniques for authentic tastes and a tasty experience.

Only available for in-store pickup in Paris