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Pralinés Boxes

Among La Manufacture’s most exquisite chocolate bonbon recipes is that of the praliné — a mix of caramelized sugar and roasted or crushed dried fruit — but the simplicity of the definition disguises the flavor palette that our artisan chocolatiers are capable of obtaining with this mix. Our praliné boxes combine dark and milk chocolate, and offer different combinations of dried fruit: the inevitable almond, hazelnut and pistachio, but also the more surprising sunflower seeds, coconut, sesame or nibs. From the cocoa bean to the chocolate, the hazelnut to the praliné, each of our bonbons is made at La Manufacture — voila the luxury of an artisanal craft.
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Pralinés à l'Ancienne

Pralinés à l'Ancienne 27 pieces

Pralinés Box - 240g

Pralinés à l'Ancienne

Pralinés à l'Ancienne 39 pieces

Pralinés Box - 345g


Pralinés Boxes

Using an artisanal production technique that dates back to the beginning of the 20th century, almonds, hazelnuts or whole pistachios are poured into a copper vat with sugar and heated. The vat turns while an arm stirs the contents. The sugar is cooked into caramel and the almonds and hazelnuts are cooked to the core in this caramelized sugar. Once ready, the aroma of this praliné paste and its taste with its quality basic ingredients is heavenly.