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Grapefruit & Vermouth Sorbet Sweet x Bitter x Elegant

90 ml

An Alain Ducasse favorite, this sorbet dates back to the very beginning of La Glace Alain Ducasse. Vermouth is a fortified white wine, infused with a mix of spices and botanicals. Known as wermuth in German (from which it takes its name), it is found in particular in absinthe. For our sorbet, we use the Carpano Antica Formula, the king of vermouths, made according to its original recipe dating back to 1786. Campari, with its bitter taste scented with orange rind, is the base of numerous cocktails, and has become one of the symbols of the Italian dolce vita. The grapefruit is carefully preserved in vermouth and Campari, highlighting the bittersweet taste of the fruit and the alcohols, dearly held by Alain Ducasse.
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