La Manufacture de Chocolat Alain Ducasse continues its Easter traditions with its miraculous fish and its gourmet Easter Chocolate Hunt. Discover the new arrivals in the chocolate animal kingdom thanks to new recipes and creations that bring together earth and sea. The half dark-half milk chocolate chimera and the octopus rock and its praliné seaweed have joined the Easter Shellfish Bar on which a chocolate lobster has run aground next to the chocolate crabs, sardines and other chocolate fish. Our inevitable bestiary of hens, rabbits and eggs will also participate in this wonderful collection conceived with Pierre Tachon. Let the Easter Egg Hunt begin!

Earth & Sea


Rediscover the Easter classics like the Turning Egg, the Chocolate Hen and Rabbit, the emblematic Easter collection pieces garnished with their praliné treats: little lobsters, little crabs, little scallops, bells and little eggs. Surrender to our inevitable Egg Box garnished with our traditional pralinés —nibs, pistachios, almonds and hazelnuts — for a complete gourmet experience for young and old.

From the sea, the lobster and the crab have also found their places in this collection with their angular lines, as if each object had been chiseled out of a mass of chocolate. These shellfish, with their signature minimalist design, hide small hazelnut praliné shells and shellfish under their claws.

If you cannot make up your mind, you can find a selection of the collection in the Easter basket. Thanks to a fruitful fishing trip, the basket holds numerous creations from the sea: a milk chocolate Lobster, a dark chocolate Crab, a box of 12 milk chocolate sardines, a praliné Octopus Rock with lemon and dark chocolate wakame seaweed, and two small chocolate crabs in dark and milk chocolate.

This collection, produced by the artisan chocolatiers of La Manufacture and full of addictive flavors, will please the child and the adult chocolate lover.