La Glace
Alain Ducasse

Culinary gelato

A rigorous selection of ingredients, preparations that exalt the taste, even pushing the taste, including on flavors such as bitter and acid. Alain Ducasse applies this same culinary approach to gelato.

la manufacture

After the Manufactures de Chocolat and de Café, Alain Ducasse launched the Manufacture de Glace in June 2021. Same principles and vision: high quality ingredients and artisanal techniques for authentic tastes and a flavorful experience. As a talent finder, when he met Matteo Casone in Bologna, he immediately understood that he had found the ideal gelatiere to make the gelato he had long dreamed of.

Discover & savor

Enjoy freshly made gelatos, sorbets and granita at La Manufacture. The gourmets will have the opportunity to admire the work of the gelatiere: the gelato is made in front of you, all day long, in small quantities and in a traditional way. At La Manufacture, you will savor "fresh" gelato!

La Manufacture

38 rue de la Roquette, Paris 11
From Wednesday to Sunday, from 12am to 7:30pm

Comptoir Cler

At the moment, find a selection of seasonal flavors at Comptoir Cler
53 rue Cler, Paris 7

"Make it better and different"