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Bread Gelato Unique x Compforting x Roasted

90 ml

Fascinated by the process of transforming everyday products to give them a new life, our gelatiere offers you a sustainable gelato. The uneaten bread of the Ducasse Paris restaurants finds here a second youth, as indulgent as surprising! For this preparation, yesterday's bread is baked at high temperature before being infused for a long time in milk. The whole is then turbinated. This thermal change brings out the toasted and roasted notes of the bread and seeds. When tasted, the character of the golden crust, the softness of the crumb, and the slight acidity of the leaven follow one another harmoniously.The creaminess combined with the crunchiness of the seeds will delight the most curious palates.

This recipe received the trophy "creation glacée" of Fou de Pâtisserie, a french culinary magazine. You can try it in the following Comptoirs : Palais Royal (Paris 1), Cler (Paris 7), Saint-Charles (Saint-Charles) and Versailles.
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