Take your irresistible pick from our assorted chocolate boxes: Pépites, Single-Origin Ganaches, Double-Bites or Pralinés à l'Ancienne. Each recipe fuses different flavours and textures to tingle your taste buds. From classic French creations to surprising innovations, our chocolates all have one thing in common: they are handcrafted from carefully selected premium ingredients. Available in both dark and milk chocolate, our luxury chocolate boxes celebrate some of our most indulgent and daring experiments to delicately balance flavours, textures, and nuances.

Artisanal crafting in Paris



Our French chocolate artisans prepare the Praliné, almond paste and Ganaches, crafting them to different forms and coating them in 75% dark chocolate or 45% milk chocolate. Let yourself be tempted by closely guarded recipes from Le Chocolat Alain Ducasse: Pralinés, Ganaches, Single-Origin Chocolate, and other indulgent delights. The luxury Discovery Boxes offer you an assorted range of all our delicious creations. The Double-Bites Chocolate Box treats you to a doubly gourmand format. The Ganache Chocolate Boxes contain Single-Origin Ganaches that reveal the singularity of each terroir. While our Flavoured Ganaches play with surprising combinations of tastes and textures. The Pralinés are made using traditional techniques. It all begins with a decadent layer of whole dried fruits and sugar gently heated in a copper vat.

Last but not least, our Pépites Chocolate Box offers a creative reinterpretation of our Pralinés à l'Ancienne: their shape is inspired by the signature lines from Pierre Tachon, Soins Graphiques, for Le Chocolat Alain Ducasse. Original flavours vie for attention with more classic ones: buckwheat jostles with coffee, hazelnuts, and almonds come together.