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Ganaches Boxes

Whether Single Origin or Flavoured, dark or milk chocolate, the Manufacture's Ganaches are hard to resist. The Single-Origin Ganaches plunge you into the unique terroir that has nurtured the beans. Each region, soil type, and climate generates its own flavours. Our Flavoured Ganaches bring together the classic and unexpected, soft and crunchy, spices and fruit – not forgetting dashes of coffee, tea, or even spirits. They are prepared with meticulousness and passion by experienced artisans, who take all the time they need to find the perfect balance.
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Flavored Ganaches

Flavored Ganaches 21 pieces

Ganaches Box - 170g

Single-Origin Ganaches

Single-Origin Ganaches 30 pieces

Ganaches Box - 240g

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Flavored Ganaches & Single-Origin Ganaches

Flavored Ganaches & Single-Origin Ganaches 54 pieces

Ganaches Box - 440g


Ganaches Boxes

Our Ganaches are made from a mixture of chopped chocolate and fresh cream, which is brought to the boil and delicately flavoured with coffee, spices, or fruit. The art of making the perfect Ganache lies in mastering each ingredient and temperature to obtain a smooth texture that is light and melting yet dense and unctuous.