Our collection of chocolate bars comprises more than fifty unique creations, revealing the diverse origins of each bean and an array of artisanal Mendiant or Praliné recipes imagined by our chocolate artisans. Le Chocolat Alain Ducasse chocolate bars plunge into the purity and diversity of the unique terroir where each different bean thrives. Whether in dark or milk chocolate, they invite you to indulge in a moment of gourmand pleasure. In La Manufacture in Paris, the cocoa beans are transformed into chocolate bars. Craftsmanship is cultivated, preserved, and given the luxury of taking its time.

From bean to bar


Grouped together into several families, our chocolate bars are available in both dark and milk chocolate. The Signature Bars are the irresistible result of original recipes from Le Chocolat Alain Ducasse, in particular, our Blend Chocolate Bar that twirls together beans from different origins. Our Single-Origin Signature Chocolate Bars highlight the unique features of a particular terroir, with each bar only containing cocoa beans from a single vintage. As for our Mendiant Chocolate Bars, enjoy the crunch of handmade chocolate laced with dried or candied fruits. Let’s not forget the Filled Chocolate Bars bursting with praline, caramel, or almond paste.

Produced using artisanal methods at the Manufacture, each bar is gradually transformed from bean to finished product through a dozen delicate stages. It all begins with chocolate paste that is “conched” and then tempered before being poured into moulds and tapped to obtain a uniform texture. The moulds are cooled, so the chocolate can be removed.

Designed by Pierre Tachon (Soins Graphiques), our chocolate bars feature chiselled lines and bevelled tiles reminiscent of the geometry of the bricks lining the Manufacture. The bars have been designed to be broken by line or square – depending on your fancy.