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Pralinés Boxes

The Praliné is one of the most exquisite chocolates made by La Manufacture. A mixture of caramelised sugar, fruit, and nuts whose simplicity conceals different flavours, delicately balanced by our artisans. Our Pralinés Boxes contain both dark and milk chocolate crafted into different recipes. Almonds, hazelnuts, and pistachios take centre stage, although more surprising ingredients also vie for attention, from sunflower seeds to coconut and sesame. Each step in preparing our Pralinés Boxes is carried by hand in our Manufacture near Paris, from choosing the cocoa bean to crushing the hazelnuts. Our artisans take their time, making sure that every detail is just right.
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Pralinés à l'Ancienne - 27 pieces

Pralinés à l'Ancienne - 27 pieces 27 pieces

Pralinés Box - 240g

Pralinés à l'Ancienne - 39 pieces

Pralinés à l'Ancienne - 39 pieces 39 pieces

Pralinés Box - 345g


Pralinés Boxes

Based on an artisanal technique from the early 20th century, almonds, hazelnuts, or whole pistachios are mixed with sugar and gently heated in a rotating copper vat. The caramelised sugar envelopes the almonds and hazelnuts. The fragrance and tastes drawn from these high-quality ingredients are captured in our Pralinés Boxes. Ready to be savoured.