Orange Palet Candied Fruit Palet Biscuit

The Orange Palet Biscuit is made of two biscuits brought together by an orange marmelade, then coated in Manufacture de Chocolat 75% Blend. The Palet Biscuits' guiding principle is to offer a single biscuit that has been through the three creation phases: raw, transformed and cooked. More than 10 phases a required to make each biscuit!

Here, the entire orange is celebrated. The Manufacture's artisan biscuit-makers created an orange marmelade with the skin and flesh of the fruit. The first adds bitterness and intensity, whereas the second balances the flavors with a touch of sweetness and acidity. In the biscuits, candied orange cubes, selected from the Saint-Sylvestre confectionary located in the Corsican village of Soveria, add gourmand chewiness.

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