Graines • Chocolat Biscuit Bar

The Alain Ducasse Biscuit Bars, a nod to the Manufacture de Chocolat bars, are a generous, gourmand variation of the biscuit, dressed in various dried fruit and grains.

The Seeds and Chocolate Biscuit Bar will please the chocolate fans. Not only is it dipped in Manufacture 75% Signature Blend, there is also chocolate mass in the biscuit itself. This intensely flavored dough is obtained after the first cocoa conching. A variety of grains add richness to the texture: golden flax, sunflower, chia, squash, hemp, and sobacha. A note of roasting can be detected when tasting — this comes from the sobacha, which are grilled and puffed black buckwheat seeds. All these seeds burst in the mouth, making it seem almost as if they are fizzing!
The Biscuit Bar's generous size allows you to share with family or friends, or to make the pleasure last for days.

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